Booked Dean having closely checked out all other Elton Tributes, yes theres some with Big bands and flashy websites with pics of themselves with the stars [all smoke and mirrors!!] When it comes down to the nitty gritty, do they sound like Elton John , and the answer is no!!!!! Dean has been a fan since he was 12 yrs of age, the guy can do over 20 different vocal impersonations and thats what puts him head and shoulders  above the rest! He is a gifted guy with the ability to impersonate anyone, He is well known having been probarbly the best Meat Loaf tribute for over 17 years, however having lost 12 stone he now stars in this great tribute to Sir Elton John , and is without doubt the best Elton John tribute out there by far! 

                                                                                      Tony Isherwood , Blakes Golf Club 

When it comes to Elton John tributes they really dont get any better than Dean Torkington, The man who can impersonate  anyone from Meat Loaf to Bon Jovi  in his Legends Of Rock show. He has now  certainly cornered the market where Elton John tributes are concerned!!! He is certainly the best Elton John Tribute  I have seen in my years of reviewing tribute band showcases. I have to admit to getting goosebumps when he performed Candle In The Wind!

                                                                                  Mark Ritchie The Stage Newspaper 

"Dean performed his tribute to Sir Elton John here recently and I was amazed at his devotion and showmanship. I must say how impressed I was with the accuracy of his vocals, he sounded remarkably like Elton. We are rebooking him next year in his Elton John and Legends Of Rock Show" 

                                                                           Paul Mason Empire Theatre Blackburn.

I have booked many tribute acts, Deans portrayal of Elton John is amazingly accurate! The Piano, costumes, and lighting are second to none! The vocals were simply amazing he really is a true pro and this comes across in his performance. The crowd wouldnt let him go and he got 2 standing ovations! 
                                                                          Richard Carr Kirkbymoorside Golf Club 

Dean performed his Elton John tribute at my Football Club [Leeds United Fc ] and I have to say I was amazed at the quality and  dedication this man obviously puts into this show. From the very first song Dean had the audience in the palm of his hand and his voice was spot on. I have seen Elton Many times, and know him well from his chairman days at Watford FC , I am sure Elton himself would  approve of Dean. Its known I dont normally dance at functions but the wife and I were up at the end to the love song section. I have contacted Dean since and I am going to be booking him at many more future Events

                                                                         Ken Bates, Chairman Leeds United FC.

"Dean was amazing as Elton John, he captured the voice and mannerisms of Elton. I highly recommend you go check him out."
                                                                         Jay  Raynor Sunday Observer Magazine 

Dean appeared on my show Cruising With The Stars, I see singers week in week out but I have to say I was really impressed with his voice, the response has been amazing! We  played 5 videos of him in my show and he sounds just like Meat Loaf when he was performing in that role and his Elton John tribute was just like the man himself! I have passed his details on to a friend of man who books Cruise Ships and Dean will be back on the show later in 2013 

                                                                   Debi Jones Sky Tvs Cruising With The Stars